I'm Samantha Vincent

Hand-painted and hand-lettered pieces in London, Ontario, Canada.

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The joy of being an artist and creating pieces is that you create your own rules! Artwork doesn’t have to follow any particular rhyme or reason. Having no guidelines allows for the utmost of creativity to flow.

I love to create hand-drawn, hand-painted or hand-lettered pieces for individual collections or local businesses. I enjoy exploring with new techniques and experimenting with a wide range of mediums!


Chalk Work


If you are in need of a chalkboard for your business or just something to spice up your space.



Hand painted items are always highly desired and make great gifts or mementos.



Want to remember a special memory? Drawings are always a nice touch to display.

Chalk Work


Looking for a logo, letterhead, promotional piece for your business? Let’s chat!


Based in London, Ontario, Canada. Samantha Vincent is a local artisan specializing in chalk art, painting, drawing as well as digital illustration and design.

Sam has an extensive art background and has dabbled in a wide range of artistic mediums. Always exploring and learning new techniques to create more exciting pieces.

Whether it be a 10ft x 10ft chalk drawing or a 3"x3" acrylic painting, Sam creates every piece with the utmost of love and creativity.

It's simple. Sam loves to create.

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